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Who is Kbrw?

We are living in exciting times where technology and digital transformation improve and disrupt businesses and their supply chains on a daily basis.

Kbrw is one such disruptor in supply chain tech. Our high performance cloud-native Distributed Order Management System (DOM) helps complex businesses implement new omnichannel operations, orchestrate critical business processes, and improve customer promises across all business channels. Based on our powerful technical platform, Kbrw's DOM provides the best-in-class order management performance in supply chain execution with highly composable and flexible software architecture.We meet the highest IT requirements by achieving performance, robustness, configurability, easy integration, while also mitigating IT risks.

We are the solution behind the success of world famous brands such as Etam, Renault Retail Group, Auchan, Monoprix, Stellantis, Michelin.

Now we are scaling up both domestically and internationally and we are looking for the best software engineers to join the adventure.

What makes us different you ask?

Our work matters to the (real) world

We solve real and complicated problems for our clients. We manage critical transactions and processes of our clients that standard packaged solutions cannot.

We are technology mavens

Building successful softwares is good, building a technical platform is better. The Kbrw platform that we built makes it easier for developers to create the most highly operable and performant solutions.

Kbrw is a promoter of the latest software design philosophy

Our solutions are based on modern philosophies: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, headless…and we keep our engineers at the cutting edge of their skillsets.

We believe in full stack control and low dependence

We are a team of full stack software engineers who master our technology end to end.

Unlike heavy monolith solutions on the market, we design simple and elegant solutions that just work. Developers are at their best when they think, not when they copy.

Your mission

As senior site reliability engineer in our Cloud Platform Product team you will:

  • Join an exciting and dynamic agile team
  • Take part in designing, building and deploying future evolutions of our cloud platform and infrastructure to match Kbrw continuously increasing scalability and security needs.
  • Manage our cluster of servers (300), while participating in handling our hosting partner relationship
  • Manage our cloud platform through our continuously improving Infrastructure as Code stack
  • Run operations to ensure highest possible quality of service
  • Work to continuously improve our containers and network (vlan, firewall, dns, etc.) orchestration stack
  • Manage backup infrastructure to empower our high scale disaster recovery plan
  • Assist Kbrw Cloud Platform users to help them make best use of our infrastructure and help them overtake blockages
  • Collaborate with other Product & Engineering teams to bring out the best practices and product offering for our customers

If you want to invest further, you can Integrate our 24/7 on call team (entails an additional package in salary)

Want a peak at our roadmap? Here are couple of projects you might be working on if you decide to join us:

  • Redesign of our network architecture
  • Expansion of our infrastructure to another hosting partner
  • Improvement of our monitoring services
  • Advanced network security and isolation

Our Technology stack

Our stack relies on 3 key components:

- React for front development

- Riak for database

- Elixir/Erlang for all the rest

To which we apply 3 key principles:

- Full stack control, meaning we prefer to rebuild internally than lose control over some external tools and frameworks.

- Performances first, meaning every piece of tech we put out is designed to offer the best end-to-end performances possible

- Less is more, meaning that we only put out what’s required for our client solution as for our platform and other internal tools and frameworks, no more.

Regarding infrastructure, we are proud to host all of our solutions on our own private cloud fully orchestrated by our internal platform, currently relying on Ubuntu, LXC, Chef, Bash and Elixir.

We’re currently managing a cloud of more than 3000 containers hosted on more than 300 bare metal servers on two data centers at OVH, handling hundred millions HTTP requests on a daily basis.

Your profile

  • 5+ years of experience as a sysadmin, SRE, Ops or Devops (a Computer Science degree or similar is a plus)
  • Strong experience working in a linux environment
  • Experience managing bare metal servers
  • Comfortable handling containers, especially with LXC
  • Strong network management skills
  • Proactive and determined, yet flexible at mind, with a good team spirit
  • A plus if you have experience with Chef, Elixir or Riak
  • Fluent in French and English

Why should you NOT apply?

  • If you don’t want to take lead on projects or part of a project
  • If you don’t like working in an autonomous environment
  • If you don’t care about giving the best experience to the end user
  • If you don’t care about understanding your clients business needs
  • If you are afraid to roll up your sleeves and be hands on no matter the problem

What to expect by joining us

Labelled Happy at Work and Great place to work, Kbrw can provide you with:

  • A young spirited dynamic, always motivated team
  • A strong engineering culture, continuous growth & learning environment
  • A personal development-based career path
  • Conformable offices with open kitchens, plenty of drinks and treats, located in the heart of Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand and London with killer workspaces, and more international cities to come.
  • Flexible half-time remote policy + 3 month work from abroad policy a year.
  • Monthly afterwork events
  • Plenty of advantages on cultural events, gym, streaming, news services and more benefits

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