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"How do we enable tech leaders to take the full share they deserve, how do we help them evolve and make their businesses scalable?"

Tech Rocks was born out of an exchange between tech leaders on the importance of finding spaces to exchange with their fellow professionals and the lack of events dedicated to them.

Much more than a community, Tech Rocks is THE PLACE TO BE for tech leaders involved in the most challenging technical projects of the moment. The 2019 edition brought together over 600 tech experts to discuss their work, their technical issues, and their role in the team they manage.

And this year Bluecoders was there!

This December 4th, our CTO, Grégoire Ballot, went to 📍Station F for the 3rd edition of TechRocks, alongside our founder, Christophe Hébert and our tech recruitment coaches Cyrielle and Ambroise.

This day of high-level conferences, led by tech experts, allowed us to exchange with CTOs and VPs of Engineering on current technical issues encountered in their projects, on questions of management, team building and recruitment. All these major tech topics deciphered by the French technical leaders of the moment in one day!

It also allowed us to understand the problems of these profiles, both technical and managerial, and to understand the other roles of these experts within the company. (see conference "The other roles of the CTO" by Phillippe Vimard - CTO of Doctolib)

A big thank you to Tech Rocks for this day full of inspiring meetings and experience sharing!

We look forward to returning for the 2020 edition!

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