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When should you hire a Product Manager?


When a start-up reaches a certain level of maturity, new issues arise. Is your product stagnant and your CTO overwhelmed? Is it your technical team that lacks efficiency, or is it the way you supply this team that poses a problem? The question of recruiting a PM then arises.

A developer will be much more efficient if the subject to be dealt with is well defined and mature: this is where the Product Manager comes in. His role is to increase the development comfort of the technical team but also to avoid developing useless features and thus to optimise production.

Like an orchestra conductor, he or she will coordinate tasks and work with designers and tech teams to deliver a product that meets the expectations of customers and prospects.

Christophe Hébert, CEO of Bluecoders, realised how much the technical team depended on the ability to mature the functional specifications and understand how to bring the current product to a new version.

"We also went through stages where it was absolutely necessary to be good at product management."

This is where the importance of having a PM/PO within the product team lies. You need to look beyond the technical team to have a more global view and expertise and a business and UX vision.

This is why Bluecoders launched an in-house product division and why today we are also able to assist companies with this type of increasingly technical recruitment.

"The moment you ask yourself the question of recruiting a PM/PO, it means that you are going to change the way you develop the product and that the work flow and development will change. We realised how much our partners needed us to help them recruit a PM or PO.

If you have questions about the recruitment of these profiles and the impact they will have on the way your product is developed, contact us!

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