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I am a developer, why Bluecoders?


Bluecoders is a career coaching service for talented developers.

Increased demands from employers, lack of expertise to negotiate a package, lack of time to analyse the market, ...

In short, a real hassle. As developers, many of us finally turn to recruitment agencies to find our future job. But here again, traditional recruiters have difficulty understanding the real challenges and specificities of the tech world.

It was time to offer developers a quality service.

We explain in three points what motivated us to launch our support service exclusively for devs.


1 - "The more developed my skills are, the more difficult it is to find a job that will enhance my experience".

The main difficulty as a developer is that the more we develop our skills, the more the demands increase.

But we are 100% in our current job: how can we find the time to analyse all these offers? Should we limit ourselves to the leads of the companies that contact us?

Bluecoders now offers tailor-made support according to the time you wish to devote, taking into account your tastes, your ambitions and your expertise.

It is worth noting that 62% of the developers who found a job with Bluecoders were not actively looking for a job, but were simply looking for support in making the right career choices.

2 - "When we talk to recruiters, they have a very vague idea of what we do".

After having approached traditional recruitment services, we were disappointed not to find real, technical contacts with whom we shared the same values: tech culture, positioning of our profile on the stack, lead prospects, etc.

Bluecoders was born out of this need: a team of developers, engineers and tech enthusiasts.

In total, Bluecoders has 15 coaches who specialise in specific technologies (Web: Java, Javascript, PHP, .NET or low-level or application-specific technologies such as Python, Ruby, C, C++, C#, etc.).

For example, a PHP coach will have coached dozens of other PHP developers and will be able to provide the right advice: comparable salaries, recruitment history, trends, off-market opportunities, etc.

3 - "We didn't feel we were saving much time".

Our experience with standard recruiters was that we felt we were putting the cart before the horse:

We were sold jobs before we were even asked what we were looking for, we had to make choices without even knowing the names of the companies.

This is why Bluecoders has chosen simplicity and transparency, in 3 steps:

An initial career assessment to understand the type of offer you are targeting,

A search for matching positions, via the Bluecoders network (CTOs, CEOs, Lead-Devs...)

And finally, a presentation of the most relevant offers with tailored support to help you access them.


Bluecoders - Coach to accompany the highest potential developers in their career on a long term basis.

Article co-written with Manon Hébert

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