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Interview with Vincent, trainee recruiter


At Bluecoders, we want to make a long-term commitment to the students we take on as interns or part-time students. They benefit from the same training as our permanent employees.

Vincent joined Bluecoders for his end-of-study internship, and he is continuing his adventure with us for his first permanent contract! We asked him a few questions to get his feedback on his internship and on what convinced him to continue with us.

Hello Vincent, can you introduce yourself and your background?

My name is Vincent, I am a recruiter, I started with an internship at Bluecoders and I have been on a permanent contract for 1 month.

Before joining Bluecoders, I obtained a bachelor's degree in business school with a management course. My training was mainly focused on sales. I had already done a first internship as a business developer because I have always been attracted by customer relations.

Before my internship, I had never worked in tech, for me Python was a snake! I was trained on this subject when I arrived at Bluecoders.

What made you want to join Bluecoders?

What attracted me was mainly thedouble selling aspect of the job: selling a project to a candidate and a profile to a company. I wanted to keep this client relationship aspect, but I found it interesting to add the candidate relationship part as well, which is very similar in the end.

More generally, I wanted to discover a new field and be trained in it.

Joining Bluecoders was also an opportunity to be in direct contact and autonomy with the biggest start-ups in Paris. It was an opportunity I didn't think I had access to as an intern!

Bluecoders is a very ambitious company and I was able to discover this during the various stages of the recruitment process, particularly during my interview with Christophe. There is a big ambition for growth and I wanted to be able to participate in this project.

Finally, I wanted to join a dynamic company with a good atmosphere, which is the case at Bluecoders, the team is young and we all get along very well.

What did your internship bring you?

The first thing I can think of is that it gave me a lot of knowledge about the tech sector. When I arrived, I knew nothing about it and I was trained to be able to accompany candidates and clients.

On top of that, I was taught how to master a speech in relation to the sector and I was able to improve my sales skills and especially my negotiation skills, which I hadn't really done before. The closing stages are very important in recruitment and I was able to learn how to manage them during my internship. I acquired a lot of methodology on the recruitment part, especially on the fact of succeeding in putting a candidate in touch with the market and being able to convince his interlocutor.

I have also improved a lot in terms of organisation. When you have to manage several clients and candidates at different stages of the process, it is necessary to know how to manage your time and I was able to take this level by joining Bluecoders.

What were your favourite things about your internship?

What I liked best was the friendliness and understanding between all employees at Bluecoders.

There is a lot of support and there are always people there to answer your questions when you arrive. It was really good to have expert recruiters to train you and give you advice. Everyone is involved in getting you up to speed and integrating you into the company, so it's really motivating.

I really like my team because there is a very good atmosphere, and the results are there because we have largely exceeded the objectives set this quarter. We work well together, we all get on well and we help each other a lot. Hélène, our business manager, really listens and is always available to give us advice. We have regular updates and she's there when we need her.

As far as my assignments are concerned, what I like best is the closing stage, when I present the offer to the candidate I'm accompanying, which is a very stimulating moment. When the recruitment is finalized, you can play your deal music in the open space and it's even better!

What makes you want to continue with us?  

I received a promise of employment after my internship and I decided to stay at Bluecoders for my first permanent contract. I spent six months here as an intern, and I didn't want to leave now because I feel like I still have a lot to do.

By staying here, I will be able to continue to be trained as I have been so far. The course has made me aware of everything I have to learn and I know that I will be able to continue to grow at Bluecoders.

I will have a lot of opportunities to develop within the company and I really enjoyed the project we are all working on together.

Another reason why I stayed is obviously theteam, there is a really great atmosphere and I really didn't want to say goodbye to my colleagues!

How do you see the future with Bluecoders?

To start with, I would like to continue to evolve and move to the next level. I'm keeping the goals I achieved during my internship, so I hope to be able to move up to intermediate in a few months.

More generally, I want to continue to develop my skills by working with the team. When new people arrive, everyone gets involved in their training and even if I'm not managing yet, I'm happy to be able to start helping them and answering their questions. It's because of this that I can see thatwe are progressing very quickly here!

Later on, I would like to be able to start mentoring and then managing a trainee, a junior, and why not later on a team. One of my team members arrived a year ago after graduating, and she will be managing her first trainee from next month. I would really like to be able to do the same afterwards!

Any last words?

To sum up, Bluecoders is above all a lot of mutual help and a very good atmosphere, it is also the opportunity to work directly with great companies. You quickly build up a network and learn a lot together!

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