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A look back at the journey of a VueJS contributor


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Romain Lienard, Front End Lead Dev answered questions from Amandine, our Javascript Business Manager, in an interview about his career as a contributor!

Can you tell us about your background as a developer/contributor?  

I was an Angular 2 contributor when I arrived in Paris to discover more about the world of startups.

Logmatic, which worked with VueJS, was the first company to trust me. It was there that I discovered this library which became a real passion. It's one of my best experiences!

After three years of discovering VueJS, Logmatic switched to React. I worked on this library for almost a year, without finding what I was passionate about in VueJS.

I then decided to change companies. That's when Bluecoders came in and found me a great job!

Why VueJS?

I had the chance, during my experiences, to work on the three star projects: React, Angular 2-4-5 and VueJS, which allowed me to compare them and make an opinion on each of the techno.

I have a self-taught profile, which helped me to learn all these practices from almost nothing. Between Angular 1 and 2, which were fighting each other, React, which was brand new, which arrived with an API that, for me, was not finished, and my discovery of VueJS, the choice was quick. I was really seduced by the simplicity, speed and intuitiveness of the VueJS API.

As a VueJS contributor, what do you want to bring to this project?

There are already many experienced contributors to the technology itself.

On my side, my role is mainly to test the improvements, to prove them and to find new ways to enrich VueJS in this sense.

Having the opportunity to improve and contribute to it is already an incredible opportunity! Any small project you can do to participate in the VueJS community will be a big step.

What advice do you have for young developers who want to progress on VueJS?

My first piece of advice, and this is to progress on all technologies, is not to hesitate to get your hands dirty. Be curious, test, join communities, it will only benefit you!

Don't be afraid to speak up and get involved in these very open communities that are growing at an incredible rate. There will always be someone to shed light on your darker side!

And the final word: Have fun with the VueJS API, that's the most important thing!

Thanks to Amandine for her interview with Romain Lienard via Bluecoders.

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