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About Formance

Money flows are the lifeblood of companies such as marketplaces, platforms, and fintechs. These players have to constantly make their payment flows evolve to fit market trends, users' needs, and competitors' moves. Their growth is closely linked to their capacity to process an increasing volume of transactions and to integrate new payment scenarios, which can become increasingly complex: for instance, a fintech which wants to offer portfolios with multiple asset types and currencies, or a marketplace which wants to implement complex commission models. Today, the technical teams of these fintechs and marketplaces spend valuable time building themselves these payment flows and the way they are broken down; then making them evolve according to the development and the strategy of the company.

Formance is tackling this particular segment in the payment value chain which is still painful for engineering and product teams in developing a low-code, open-source toolkit to build and manage all types of money flows and scenarios.

We are looking for a high-impact contributor that wants to join a VC-backed early startup - backed by Y Combinator as well (YC S21)! - that takes its roots in open-source philosophy, technical excellence and a design-first vision.

Job Description

We are looking for a JS Frontend Developer in France (Paris or Remote) to work on the user-facing components of Formance.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has extensive knowledge of JS, TypeScript and React
  • Has experience working with the latest CSS standards
  • Has experience working with APIs
  • Knows how to architecture a SPA from scratch
  • Is not afraid of going deep down in Webpack config and beyond Create React App
  • Knows how to maintain reliability and quality of their code
  • Can't stand off-by-one-pixel issues and goes out of their way make what they build look slick, performant and joyful to use
  • Has good communication skills
  • Is a team player who likes to discuss solutions and ideas
  • Is self-motivated & achievement-oriented
  • Has a professional English level

At Formance we do:

  • Clean code, Testing, Peer Programming & Code reviews
  • Observability and monitoring of our applications.
  • Leverage cloud scalability (AWS)
  • Work with CI/CD to deliver faster.

At Formance we celebrate:

  • Working smart: doing things that don't scale and automate when it makes sense
  • Leaving egos at the door: building reliable software is hard and humility in the face of complexity is what prevents catastrophes
  • Quality over quantity: our users expect the best from us
  • Helping others achieve their goals


You will work on the UI of the open-source ledger and the dashboard for our Formance Cloud offering.


  • 📈 Competitive package (salary + stock options)
  • 🏥 Alan Blue (100% paid by Formance)
  • 🧑‍💻 Work on the latest Mac + $500 for your remote office setup
  • 📍 Location: Join our office near Opera and enjoy barista coffees with a view on our rooftop
  • ☕️ Workplace flexibility: work on-site and/or remotely, adjustable working hours
  • 📚 Free books: we buy all the programming books and content you need to learn and be an expert in your field


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