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Mindee empowers Product Managers and Developers to design and build outstanding user experiences leveraging intelligent document processing and removing all friction from manual entry. Our APIs are powered by state of the art deep learning algorithms that are both easy to use and reliable. Key use cases include expense management, accounts payable automation, or customer on-boarding and many more.

  • We have fun - We work seriously and share fun time to create a friendly environment and generate more ideas
  • We work together - Everyone brings their own background, history and experiences to create a more diverse workplace
  • We learn - From each other and from our mistakes and we love look back and look what we achieved so far
  • We simply do our best - Honesty and humility are our top values and that’s who we are

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Mindee’s platform is a DevTool that allows developers to parse any kind of documents via trainable or off-the-shelf APIs. Our application ecosystem leverages the latest web development paradigms, working among other stacks with modern Python (3.8+), Flask/FastAPI ecosystems, PostgreSQL, Redis, React.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Spinnaker while being agnostic of cloud providers.

Founded in 2018, Mindee is the leading developer tool that powers document understanding for top players like Qonto, Spendesk, or Payfit.
We are expanding in Europe and North America. We raised a $14M Series A led by GGV Capital in 2021, just after graduating from Y Combinator (YC).

The platform consists of:

  • An intuitive and visually rich web platform where you can use or create document parsing endpoints
  • A developer REST API handling ~20 000 documents per hour for our worldwide customers
    Do not hesitate to create your own account at and check for more information.

You are:

  • An experienced Python developer (4 years+) and have already used Flask, FastAPI or similar in a production environment
  • Experienced in implementing features based on asynchronous tasks/messaging (RabbitMQ, Celery, Redis…) and able to understand asynchronous code and communication
  • Knowledgeable on various database systems, especially PostgreSQL, Redis or a NoSQL db
  • Competent with Git and CI/CD pipelines
  • Fluent in English.

You will

  • Develop Mindee API & Platform exciting new features with Python microservices
  • Improve our core libraries that allows a fast and reliable development
  • Maintain high code quality and documenting software functionality
  • Using best practices regarding testing and web development.

Current team

  • CTO
  • Engineering Lead
  • 3 Backend Engineers
  • 1 Frontend Engineer
  • 2 DevOps Engineers
  • 2 ML Engineers

More about our Tech
We currently use or are developing on:

  • Backend: Python, Flask, FastAPI, pytest, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, RabbitMQ;
  • Frontend: React.js (+ Vue.js & Angular on open source projects);
  • DBs: PostgreSQL, Redis, TimescaleDB 2;
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Terraform, Spinnaker, Spinnaker, Grafana, Jenkins, GitHub Action;
  • Cloud: AWS EC2, AWS S3, Azure, GCP.

Profil recherché

We are looking for a Backend Engineer with:

  • Solving problems skills
  • A sense of autonomy while being eager to work collaboratively
  • High sense of responsibility and self organization
  • Result-driven but also eager to improve the whole team craftsmanship by experimenting and sharing.


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