What is a tech recruiter?

The tech recruiter is specialized in the recruitment of IT profiles: developer, scrum master, data engineer, DevOps etc... He knows the language of his personas, he can have a concrete discussion with a developer.

Which companies recruit this profile? And why do they do it?

The ability to develop a digital product that brings value is the main objective of a Tech company. All other teams therefore often revolve around the technical team.

It is composed of all kinds of technical profiles, which have become a scarce human resource because they are prized by all. Recruiting the right profiles, i.e. those adapted to the company's problems, has become a crucial and critical skill. It is at the heart of the strategy of a Tech company.

Some companies, sensitive to this issue, even create a recruitment department detached from human resources.

The IT recruiter is the main actor of this issue and his mission is to search, contact and recruit the profiles requested by the technical management or by the human resources of the company. His ability to quickly recruit the right profiles is a direct lever for the company's growth.

The IT recruiter's mission is to select the candidate who best corresponds to the profile sought by his company when a position in information technology and/or computer science is opened. He/she is in charge of formulating and placing the advertisements, sorting the CVs and conducting the job interviews.

What are the missions of the tech recruiter?

The IT recruiter must:

  • To define, with the client, the missions of the position to be filled and the profile of the candidate.
  • Awareness of the tech and business issues of his company
  • Understanding of technical issues
  • Knowledge of the technologies and tools used by his company
  • Write job ads and select incoming resumes.
  • Translate the challenge of recruitment into professional technical ambitions
  • Mastering your employer brand
  • Search and contact qualified profiles
  • Ability to source effectively with the right methods/tools
  • Detect the ambitions and interests of a profile before a call
  • Master the techniques of approach and listening
  • Qualify a candidate and present the ambitions of a position
  • Understand a candidate's deepest ambitions through active listening
  • Detect the company's issues that match the candidate's expectations
  • Pitching a position adapted to the candidate's ambitions
  • Conduct job interviews and participate in the selection of candidates;
  • Coaching a candidate throughout the recruitment process
  • Accompanying the teams involved in the interviews
  • Bringing value to internal thinking
  • Closer & Onboarder
  • To have detected upstream the important elements for candidate
  • Propose a convincing offer and close a candidate
  • Accompany the arrival and integration of a new recruit in the company
  • Represent your company at professional events (forums, trade shows, meetups, conferences, etc.)
  • Present your company and its issues

What are the different jobs of the IT recruiter?

Internal to the issues

As an internal employee, his objective is to recruit technical profiles capable of responding to the company's technical issues. With a good foundation, he or she will develop a deep knowledge of the technical stack and the strategic issues of the technical division.

He/she will be able to evolve hierarchically in the recruitment division and recruit rarer, more technical profiles that respond to more important issues for the company. The management of more junior profiles is a possibility.

As an RPO, it can also provide a recruitment force, independent of the company, on an assignment for a specific period of time. This allows for frequent changes in environment and the development of a broader tech and recruiting culture.

External to the issues

In recruitment agencies or as a freelancer, he/she will have to respond to the various recruitment issues of client companies. A broad technical knowledge and an understanding of all the technical issues of his clients is necessary.

He will also act as a coach for both his candidates and his clients in order to optimize the recruitment process.

He is specialized in a technical environment in order to develop a sharp knowledge of the technical problems of his clients and candidates. As an expert, he is assigned to specific profiles on which the success of his clients greatly depends.

How do you become a tech recruiter?

The job of tech recruiter combines HR issues, technical knowledge, commercial organization and psychological experience. Therefore, there is currently no study path leading to the job of tech recruiter.

Often coming from a business, management or human resources school, this profession is accessible to all. Those who manage to train in the 4 complementary skills in parallel will be the most successful.

Discover our tech recruitment training pathway

Evolution and salary

Possible developments after several years of successful experience:

  • Lead Recruiter → supervision, training and management of a team
  • Talent Manager → responsible for the quality of the recruitment process, from acquisition to retention
  • Tech Expert Recruiter → tech recruitment specialist and expert

From a salary point of view, it generally consists of a fixed part plus a variable part. The balance between these two parts depends on the company's compensation system.

Either a low fixed salary, with a large variable part, which can be very consequent if the objectives are exceeded.

Either a high fixed salary, with a low variable part, distributed as a bonus according to the achievement of objectives.

Junior Tech Recruiter: 32 to 40k€.

Intermediate Tech Recruiter: 38 to 50 k€.

Senior Tech Recruiter: 45 to +60k€.

August 30, 2022

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