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What is a Java developer?

Java is an object-oriented back-end programming language for web and software development. Its versatility and user-friendliness make it an almost unavoidable language in companies today. Java can be used with frameworks and tools such as Spring, Hibernate, Angular, React, AWS, Docker or J2E/J2EE.

What are the missions of the Java developer?

The Java developer has several missions in the development of a project.
He develops new features and functionalities to make the product evolve. He sets up the architecture of the computer system, cleans up the code and makes it more readable. He is also in charge of improving the performance and scalability of the program.

The back-end developer also responds to security issues to counter cyberattacks and protect data.

Collaboration in the team

Back-end / dev fullstacks developers - Product - Data - Devops

What are the skills of a Java developer?

Beyond mastering the Java language, a good developer makes sure to be up to date on his stack and remains open to new technologies.

Good knowledge of algorithms is required. An appetite for best practices such as TDD (Test-Driven Development) or BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is highly appreciated.

Soft skills

The Java developer knows how to show initiative and does not hesitate to touch new technologies. His or her ability to organise is essential to support projects that require multi-tasking.

Technologies & platforms used

Java - Spring - Spring boot - Angular - react - Kotlin - Go - Hibernate - AWS - GCP - Docker - Jenkins - git

What are the training courses to become a JAVA developer?

To learn the basics of programming, a background in computer science is essential.

Several possibilities: It is possible to go to university (bac+5 in computer science), or to attend an engineering or computer science school for 5 years.

A significant amount of personal training is required to keep up to date with language developments throughout a developer's career.

What is the salary of a data engineer?

How can a Java developer's career evolve?

Lead developer - Architect - CTO

December 8, 2020

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