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Get your students' careers off the ground as soon as they complete their internship

An internship at Bluecoders is an opportunity to participate in an ambitious long-term project.

We offer your students an empowering internship in which they will be full-fledged members of our teams with the possibility of managing the subjects entrusted to them independently while being accompanied by mentors.

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Joining Bluecoders means joining a company
with a strong culture and values:



Bluecoders interns are at the heart of an ambitious project by being encouraged to take part in its development.

We plan to continue to grow in the years to come and we involve them directly in this growth.

Interning at Bluecoders is about growing along with the project. We are looking for people who want an internship where they can bring new ideas and have an impact on the evolution of the company.


Team player

At Bluecoders, we believe that the success of a company depends first and foremost on good teamwork.

We set up some of the objectives together and group training to encourage teamwork. Our trainees are full-fledged members of the team, which invests in their training and integration.

In the same way, once trained, they participate in the training of newcomers and understand the importance of a united team moving in the same direction.



Bluecoders is strongly committed to the development of its employees' skills. We provide solid training, as well as support throughout the internship period, allowing them to take charge of the subjects entrusted to them independently.

In the same way, the interns who join us are people who want to get involved in our project and thus participate in the growth of Bluecoders.

We want to be involved in the long term, which is why we offer the possibility for your students to continue their internship in a permanent position afterwards


When a student joins us, we give them real responsibility.

At Bluecoders, interns are not only responsible for assisting employees in their work, but are an integral part of the team and have the opportunity to make a real impact from the moment they join.

Thanks to our training and coaching, Bluecoders interns work on strategic issues and are encouraged to drive their projects forward.


Discover the recruitment profession

Tech recruiter photo in a phone-box

The profession of recruiter is often misunderstood, although it is booming and has a promising future.

At Bluecoders, we want to help promote this field by making our knowledge of the sector available to students wishing to discover this world and, why not, to inspire them.

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Hosting of students
for end-of-study internships

Are you looking for companies for your students who are looking for an internship?

Each year we welcome students at the end of their training course to introduce them to the job of tech' recruiter. They will be accompanied and trained in the various aspects of the job, with the possibility of continuing the adventure on a permanent basis.

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Intervention on job and internship forum

Are you organising a job fair to enable your students to find their future internships or your future graduates to find their first permanent contract?

Our team of recruiters is at your disposal to present you our current offers and find our future talents.

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Presentation of the job
of recruiter

Choosing a career path in a context of increasing numbers of jobs is not always easy, which is why we suggest that you introduce your students to the job of recruiter and its challenges.

Presentation of the professions to our students
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First job and internship coaching

Are your students looking for an internship or their first job?

Writing a CV and going for an interview cannot be improvised. We offer to work with your students to give them our advice and to train them to deal with the different situations encountered in the search for an internship/job in the form of workshops.

Student coaching request

Participation in your entrepreneurial events

Are you organising events or competitions for your students in the entrepreneurship stream?

Starting a business is an exciting adventure! Our teams are available to act as judges for your competitions, or simply to advise and support your students in their projects.

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Participation in your admission jury

Are you looking for companies to take part in your admission panels?

This is an important step for your students! As recruitment specialists, we offer our teams of experts who can accompany you as a jury at these events.

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