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Web developer: why I left Paris for Lyon!


Are you a web developer in Paris? Do you work in a challenging environment? Do you want to leave Paris and move to the provinces?

We interviewed Yohanna, who is a web developer, he decided to move to another city to relaunch his career.

In 2016, he chose to leave his Parisian job to live and work in Lyon. He is now a NodeJS referent in a Lyon-based startup. With a different quality of life...

He shares his experience with us.


Please introduce yourself (age, profession, employment status, etc.)

I am 27 years old, I am a developer by training. I am currently a NodeJs back-end developer in a small company in Saint-Priest (near Lyon).

What was your situation (job, startup) in Paris?

Before leaving Paris, I was working in a small company in the 12th arrondissement. I was a .NET developer on an IAM (Identity Access Management) project.

Franchir le cap: What were the reasons that led you to leave Paris and join Lyon?

In 2016, following a successful Hackathon in the Ardennes, I decided to leave my company in Paris to work on a personal project in tourism. As a result, not having a fixed salary anymore, it was impossible for me to keep my flat in Maisons-Alfort because of the high rent. After a year of working on my project, I decided to find a job. I did not want to return to Paris for many reasons. Indeed, rents and life in general are expensive, public transport is not very pleasant. People are often in a hurry, always on the run, and I find that Parisian life generates a lot of stress.

As we know, Paris is the capital of startups with interesting technical challenges. What do you think of the Lyon startup ecosystem?

Indeed, when I was looking for a new job, I found many interesting offers in Paris. The Lyon ecosystem is certainly less developed because there are fewer companies than in Paris. However, I did not have any difficulties in finding interesting positions with good challenges. I had interviews with startups in very different sectors such as robotics, energy, an accounting robot or a startup wishing to revolutionise the shops of tomorrow. Salaries are slightly lower than in the Paris region, however, life is less expensive, so I personally have a higher standard of living than when I worked in Paris. In Lyon, there are also web and digital meetups.

What are the positive impacts of this life change?

I have only been living in Lyon for 3 months and so far I feel good. The public transport is cleaner and less disrupted, the city is lively, the city centre has everything a city dweller needs. The city is also smaller, for someone who loves the countryside like me, it is much closer than in the Paris region. The mountains and the sea are within reasonable distance, so you can go skiing or to the beach in the summer. To conclude, I would say that I feel that people are less stressed, less in a hurry in everyday life.

What would you like to find in Paris that you don't have in Lyon?

The only thing I would like is to have an even more developed ecosystem, but I think that will evolve in the future. Otherwise there is nothing that I don't have in Lyon that I had in Paris.

What advice would you give to Parisians who want to leave?

In our field, which is development or the digital world, there will always be an interesting job in Lyon. We're also lucky enough to be able to negotiate our salary properly. So if you want to leave Paris, it's perfectly possible without losing the city life that you find in Paris. And if Lyon doesn't interest you, there are plenty of cities that have a sufficiently developed ecosystem to find your happiness, such as Rennes, Nantes, Montpellier...


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