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Interview Ladies of Code: The female tech community


Tech is still a very male sector! Here are some figures to help you understand the place of women in the tech world.

Proportion of women in tech

"Feminising tech, web development and computing": this is the objective of Ladies of Code.

In 2018, we welcomed Laïla and Mathilde in our office, both members of the Ladies of Code community. This international community of over 800 people, created by two Parisian women in 2017, organises meet-ups with the aim of attracting different types of women such as students or novices by introducing them to programming. They organise events and conferences around career transition by involving experienced female developers who share their experiences.

This group of women also attracts a lot of professionals looking for a friendly community where they can develop, meet people and create a network to help them find a job. Ladies of Code also offers more technical workshops for professional developers to keep an eye on things and to exchange and share moments outside of work.

"Bringing talented women developers out of the shadows

Personal development workshops are also organised to help women gain confidence in this very male-dominated environment and feel legitimate in their work.

Ladies of Code's advice for those who want to get into tech: "Persevere, stay yourself, no matter what image you are given and above all have fun! "

And yes, you have to practice, stay curious, but all with pleasure!

Thanks to Jessica for her interview with Laïla and Mathilde via Bluecoders!

To see the full interview on youtube, click here!

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