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How to increase your developer's salary?


Want to increase your developer salary? In this interview with Artisan Développeur, Christophe Hébert, developer and CEO of Bluecoders, reveals his tips for earning more!

Our advice: be good!

Companies are looking for specialists and they are ready to pay for the best. But beware, as an expert says, "you have to progress and find jobs where you can succeed in increasing your skills", because the more skills there are, the more the salary will follow!

So, before you expect a six-figure salary, make sure you complete your skills and give your best to become the five-legged sheep. Managing a team, knowing how to recruit, setting up development processes, are all important elements to reach the top positions of CTO or VP of Engineering for example! Companies are looking for any price (even up to 150k€!!) to advance in their project, and therefore to recruit people who are able to understand the business, in addition to having technical skills. Of course, you'll have to wait until you have 10-15 years of experience to hope to get close to a footballer's salary...!

Money, Fun & Training: what are your expectations?

Christophe's many experiences have led him to develop a proven trigram for each situation.

If you were tempted to lean towards the "Money" angle of the three F's trigram while you are still a junior, Christophe recommends that you first focus on the "Training" side to find the right balance and reach your dream salary!

It is better to start lower, source projects that allow you to grow and train and finish very high, than to start a little higher and stagnate at an average salary because you don't have enough skills to reach high positions.

So don't jump at the first opportunity, plan ahead and target the companies that will make you grow quickly.

And good news, Bluecoders is there for that! We list companies that are really investing in the development of their developers' skills. We'll draw up a career plan for you and point you in the right direction for the skills you want to develop.

Thanks to Benoit Gantaume for his interview with Christophe Hébert via Artisan Développeur!

The audio podcast is available here: http://artisandeveloppeur.fr/comment-augmenter-son-salaire-avec-christophe-hebert/

To listen to another interview with Christophe with Artisan Développeur: http: //artisandeveloppeur.fr/comment-developper-ses-competences-avec-christophe-hebert/

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