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Developers: Why beware of big salaries?


As a developer, you sell your skills, certainly at the best price, but you must always work on projects that allow you to continue to progress.

Ask yourself this question:

Why is an employer willing to pay above market price for my skills?

When you work on a project, there is a balance between the intensity of the production you are asked to do and the increase in skills you are offered.

In general, an employer who does not have the means to support your progress or to develop you in a cutting-edge technical environment will compensate by offering you a better salary.

The risk of selling to the highest bidder is to lose potential, or even to leave the market, which is so prized by talent.

If you feel that your career is slowing down, ask yourself how much you are really growing in your current position and what key skills you are missing to achieve your career goals.

It is quite common to meet developers who find it difficult to reassure you of their true technical level after too much time spent working in an obsolete technical environment, for example in IT services companies where the quality of the code is not a challenge for your direct employer.

It can be said that the market is gradually splitting between developers who code for a living and those who live to code.

In today's environment of high demand for skills, the biggest challenge for a modern developer is to have visibility in the market of high-end opportunities that ensure you continue to value your skills. To find out more about this topic, see our article on how your salary will change.

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